TO ELOPE!!! Just the two of you, in wonderful places, a waterfall, on rough coast, the highest mountains or in the middle of wide fields. Maybe the three or four closest friends or family members with you and that's what counts!

You can imagine that my heart beats for exactly this kind of wedding. There is nothing more intimate, exciting and pure than an elopement.

When you tell each other your deepest feelings in a trembling voice, surrounded by breathtaking nature and still completely with you.

It's always something very special to be part of an elopement. When you share these intense moments and hours with me, we experience a breathtaking adventure together and I'll tell your very intimate story, your elopement through my pictures.

Capturing the love and the very intimate moments between two people during their elopement fills me with so much joy every time. I know that there are many traditions regarding weddings that can be overwhelming, and I'm sure you've been confronted with them as well. But especially with elopements, there are no rules what such a day should include or look like. And that's exactly why an elopement is really special!

You can create the day completely according to your values, include the most different and unusual things and at the same time include conventional parts, if you want to. Because you should celebrate your elopement exactly the way you want it and above all exactly the way you are!

If there are only just the two of you or if you have a small part of your family with you is completely up to you. Whether you have a celebrant with you or just stand in front of each other and recite your vows to each other is completely up to you. Whether you want to hike to the highest peak for your ceremony, take a helicopter flight, or have your ceremony on the vast and rugged coast, it's up to you.

So you see, you can do ANYTHING you like and most of all WHAT YOU WANT! And that is what an elopement is all about. It's your rules, your decisions and that's what makes it YOUR ELOPEMENT!

Make the day your