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        Anni Style

        Marry with a lot of freedom and wind in your hair, wild flower bouquets and unconventional wedding ceremonies. Barn weddings, free weddings on a wide field or at the edge of the forest. THAT‘S my philosophy!

        That's me

        Traveling, the sea, animals, the mountains and the beach and of course laughing… all these are things, I love and like to have around me. I grew up and live in a little village in the Rheingau … yeah, you hardly believe it, but I always been living in the countryside and really happy about it. I love everything related to boho, ethno and vintage. Pampas grass, macrame and lots of wild flowers you will always find at my home.

        Photography has always fascinated me an I actually got my first camera when I went to elementary school. She was yellow, analog and could make noises… it was great and I was so happy! I was so proud, that I took it anywhere since that time,
        And that has not changed until today… but of course the camera 😉

        Boho After-Wedding Shooting auf Mallorca