Wild Adventure Love // Sarah & Viktor

31. May 2020

Do you know the feeling when you meet people for the first time and it feels like you’ve known each other forever? EXACTLY THAT describes the moment when Sarah, Viktor and I met for the first time. And that’s exactly what made our shooting so special. Both of them and I could be exactly who we are. And I think that’s exactly what you can see in all of these great pictures that we created together.

With this inspo we want to show you what wonderful places there are that don’t look like Germany at all, but are everywhere here. The perfect location for an elopement or wedding shoot for times like now, when we can’t travel as carefree as we are used to,but still want that feeling of adventure and wanderlust and that unmistakable excitement of wanderlust reappear in us to let!




Hochzeitsfotograf: Anni Style Photography
Brautkleid: Labude Köln
Hair&MakeUp: GetUrLook